Spring Bar Removal Plier Tool

Spring Bar Removal Plier Tool


Add the Ultimate Watch Tool to your Watch Collection. This Wrist & Style Spring Bar Plier Tool allows you to easily and precisely remove, insert, and adjust the spring bar pins of your watch.  This tool makes changing straps and bands on your favorite watches extremely simple and quick.

The Spring Bar Plier Tool measures just 4 inches in length and fits perfectly in your hand, allowing the precise angle to make necessary adjustments.  We worked with engineers and designers to perfect an extremely high quality tool that will last a lifetime.  End fork tips and fittings are designed make adjustments and repairs to any watch.  Easily resize watch bands and bracelets, or change out watch straps. This tool allows anyone to remove or "pop out" watch spring bars, watch pins and screws with ease.  Simply the best tool to have in your collection, and rated by professionals as the most durable and versatile spring bar plier tool in the market.

With the three perfectly designed interchangeable pin ends, this tool reaches hard to access areas of a watch. The grained grip provides a "non slip" surface enabling quick and easy watch modifications without all the hassle and frustration typical of other cheap spring bar tools.

The Wrist & Style Spring Bar Removal Plier Tool works with all watches. Universal for all watches and repair needs.

Extra replacement end tips are available for purchase here.

Add the best possible Spring Bar Plier Tool to your watch collection now.

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