NATO Strap | Yellow

Wrist And Style Nylon Nato Watch Straps are a great way to customize the style of a wrist watch.  These straps have been a favorite among many watch enthusiasts.  This design has continued to be a popular upgrade for old and new luxury watches. These watch straps are made from high quality nylon and are incredibly durable.   Paired with high quality stainless steel hardware.  

Available in many different colors for the perfect combination.  Accessorizing your watch with a Nylon Nato Strap is a great way to customize the look and feel of your watch by replacing the existing watch band or watch strap with something new, updated and refreshed.  Nylon Nato Watch Strap popularity has grown due to the comfortable design and sturdy feel, making these straps some of the most popular and comfortable watch straps available today.  


Material: High Quality Nylon Strap

Strap Length: Adjustable 27cm (approx.)

Strap Thickness: 1.5mm thick (approx.)

Hardware: Polished Stainless Steel

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